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  • Welcome to
    XS International,

    Secure & Luxury Transportation

    When we say luxury, it does not refer only to our vehicles, but also on our service done by our Security Professionals.
    Security Drivers who are above all, trained Close Protection Operatives with many different skills and qualifications, as for example First Aid and Pediatric Health Care qualification.

  • Corporate and Luxury Travel


    It is our goal to ensure a close working relationship with our corporate clients. Our efforts are focused on learning the priorities and preferences of our corporate clients to ensure accuracy and simplicity for future trips.
    We know that business never stops, so our 24-hour availability provides our clients with the flexibility and prompt attention required for worry-free transportation. At XSTM we listen to your particular requirements and have the capability to tailor our system to your specific needs.

  • Transportation for a Jet Charter Operators

    As more and more executives and high net worth families travel on private aircraft, it is essential for the Drivers to understand the unique world and special challenges of providing secure transportation in and around corporate aircraft, how to work with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Flight Crews, and other airport businesses that provides services to executive and chartered aircraft, same as to learn how to maneuver vehicles around the helicopter wherever necessary.

  • Transportation for Yacht Charter companies and Captains

    The Super Yacht transportation services provided by XS Travel Management are carried out with high safety standards, which allows the owners, guests and crew to transport everyone who stays on the yacht in complete discretion, that the vehicle with the driver is available every minute and near the yacht 24 hours a day. Adequate assistance and effective protection will be also provided to passengers wishing to go ashore during a cruise. So there’s no need to feel too disturbed if anyone onboard has to take a short detour. They will be adequately taken care of.

  • Personal Drivers, Bodyguard's & Residential Security, All In One!

    We can provide you with your own personalised fleet of vehicles that you can use to transport your clients to your office, to their home, to the airport or a hospitality venue. As well as a chauffeur service, we also provide bodyguard and residential security service, meaning that your clients get three services in one!

  • At XS Travel Management

    We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality travel services to ensure that you get to your destination feeling relaxed, safe and confident. One of the services we provide is a personal driving service, or we can provide you with a corporate membership option, ensuring that you give your clients the perfect experience and get them to their destination in style!

  • Are you?

    Looking for a company that can provide you with not only chauffeur, but security detail too? In the past you would have to hire two separate businesses to fulfil both needs but now, you only need one!

Limo Chauffeur Service in Amsterdam
Luxury Fleet Secure Chauffeured Service
security driver services for VIPs and corporate clients
security driver services for VIPs and corporate clients
security driver services for VIPs and corporate clients
Limo Chauffeur Service in Memmingen
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