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Serving your customers with limo & chauffeured services

You need close protection or a security driver for the family and the time is running out for you to get quality service for your client. However, we understand your skepticism about getting one. You believe that since you run a family office to cater to your client, bringing in an outsider may disrupt your operations and harm your credibility and the relationship you have with your client.

However, you need to reassess your belief. Why, you wonder? The dangers you think you are protecting your clients from are already close and the longer you wait, the more you bear the risk of harm befalling your clients.

The good news is, at XS International, we have ways for you to conquer these risks.

So, what is it going to be?
Are you going to wait to let these risks consume your clients or are you going to be 10 steps ahead? Tick Tock.

Why Your Clients Are At Risk

You run a family office to cater to the ultra-expensive demands of ultra-high-net-worth individuals which means you need close protection
for your clients ,their family, and their business. The amount of money or valuables your clients have makes them a target for criminal elements.

Sure, you might feel there is no need for this or your client have told you they want to live a normal discreet life and not like the attention that a bodyguard brings. The reality is your client is not a regular person and you are responsible to protect him no matter what.

Not having a bodyguard means you don't value your client and your business too. Remember without them there is no business for you. But if you would prefer to lose your clients, go on thinking that they don’t need protection.

You would be playing into the hands of your many competitors who’d prefer you fail. Believe us that this isn’t the right time for you to fail your clients. Why? You would miss out on a lot of new clients.

According to Forbes, Between 2020 and 2021 alone, there was a 9.3% growth of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. So, if you don't protect your existing clients, their family, and their business from risks, your family office business would collapse and you would miss out on opportunities of converting these new ultra-high-net-worth individuals into clients.

So what are these risks?

Risks You Should Be Worried About

Your clients are facing these immediate risks that we’ll mention below.

Physical Security

In Europe, there have been 1 339 400 break-ins just in 2020 alone and your clients are their next targets.

Your clients are VIPs and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. They have in their possession, money, valuable art, jewelry, and other forms of expensive items. Part of your responsibility to them is to ensure that these valuable items are protected from any form of damage or theft.

Apart from your clients' possessions, their families and businesses are also targets of physical harm from criminals. Without adequate security, your clients, and their families could end up being kidnapped or worse.

Internal Security Issue

Your clients due to their social standing have people that flock around them. These people could be staff or friends. However, if there isn't a measure to scrutinize these people, your clients' security is in danger.

People could easily come into their homes and harm them. You should realize that not everyone has the best intentions toward your client and their family.

Risk of Technical Surveillance.

Since you have refused to protect your clients, you expose them to illegal technical surveillance. With the way different people can access your clients' houses, anyone could plant an electronic bug in their house and have access to your clients' sensitive information and secrets.

Transportation Risks

Protection isn't limited to residential places alone. Your clients need close protection even in their vehicles. It is risky for your clients to not be protected while in transit.

You don't believe us? In Europe alone, criminals stole about 983,000 yearly between 2008 and 2010. Also, between 2015 to 2017, thieves stole around 697,000 yearly. So, there is a real risk of your client getting attacked when they are in their cars.

Security and Transportation services for the Family Office

How We Can Help You Conquer These Risks

We understand that attending to these risks can be beyond you. You wonder where you can get quality that will make your client comfortable and give you peace.

You don't need to worry. Our Protection Services, and our Transportation Services will help you conquer the risks we have mentioned.

Below are how we would achieve efficient and complete security for your clients.

Close Protection or Executive Protection

Xtreme Security provides Close Protection or Executive Protection which you would need to resist the attacks of criminals on your clients and their family. Xtreme Security has trained executive protection specialists who have experience from being
former law enforcement or military agents.

However, the secret to their effectiveness is not just because of their security background. We have a special training we take our bodyguards through that makes sure that they will be able to serve you properly.

The training ensures they have skills in providing medical aid, communicating properly - good social dynamics - soft skills, and
thinking fast in the face of danger - continuous training to provide your clients and their family the protection they need.

If your client is a celebrity we have a flexible approach to ensuring that they are protected despite intrusion from the media and fans. We have also trained our bodyguards in media liaison duties, so, they can help attend to the media on behalf of your client and their families.

If your clients are the kind that doesn’t like the attention a sharply dressed bodyguard brings, no problem. Our agents can be as covert as your clients need them to be.

So, what about trust? The company performs thorough security checks on every bodyguard to make sure they have high-quality character. So, you can trust them and be sure that they won't jeopardize your relationship and credibility with your client.

Residential protection

We have a residential protection service that ensures your clients' homes and businesses get emphatic and quality protection. We will ensure that we protect the valuables in their residences from damage and theft.

All you need to do is to request Xtreme Security’s residential protection and it doesn't take time.

The residential protection will keep criminals guessing with our unique guard routine. Our agents will properly monitor people who access your clients' homes and their offices.

In addition, your clients can also customize their guard preferences. Depending on their choice, we could provide a guard or a team of them.

Along with our guards, we also use state-of-the-art CCTV to complement their efforts. We are dedicated so that no inch of your clients' homes and businesses is left unattended.

Within 24 hours of you contacting us, we are already ready to set up in your clients' houses or offices and begin our operations.

For more information check the booklets bellow:

Residential Security by XS Travel Management
Security by XS Travel Management

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Your competitors would very much like for you to fail but we will never allow this. We are aware of the special risks your clients face and how hostiles can bug their homes, vehicles, and businesses.

We will not allow these hostiles to gain a single piece of information they can use to harm your clients and their family.

At Xtreme Security, we have modern countermeasures for such technical surveillance. We have Non-Linear Junction Detector and thermal imagery which helps us pick up bugs and helps to analyze the signal broadcasting equipment in clients' offices, homes, or vehicles.

For more information check the booklets bellow

about XS Travel Management
Chauffeured Service With Bodyguard Drivers

Security Driver or Executive Driver.

  • Security Driver

  • Your ultra-high-net-worth individuals would leave their homes and offices no matter how secure these places are. So, criminals have only one place left to target them and their families. They can attack your clients and their family during transit. However, this doesn’t have to be so.

    XS Travel Management has a security driver or executive driver service. With a security driver for your client, they don’t need to have an extra bodyguard follow them around to perform close protection or executive protection duties. Their security driver would suffice.

    The driver is a trained security personnel that we trained to be able to provide residential protection services as well.

    However, we advise that the number of security guards you want to use for your client’s residence should be based on the risk level off course. Sometimes, an operative may not be enough especially when that operative is a security driver that would have to leave the residence when transporting your client. So, it would be better to have a different security measures in place to secure your client’s residence.

  • Executive Driver

  • If you think your clients have enough bodyguards, we have an executive driver service they can use. The executive driver is like a regular chauffeur but with the experience working with Executive Protection teams, which means understanding of security protocols, and en experience within Corporate world which means know “How To”, “When”, and “What” to say or do to protect your clients image and reputation.


    Now, you have seen why you need private security for the family or a security driver for the family of your clients and your clients themselves. There are many benefits for your clients when you use our service. Not only would our operatives efficiently protect your clients from external harm, they can also provide your client with first aid medical attention in the case of a medical emergency.

    So, what are you waiting for? Make the call now or hire inexperienced operatives that could jeopardize your clients' safety and your relationship and credibility with them.<

    [email protected]

    Our rates




    • BMW 7

      BMW 7
    • AUDI A8

      AUDI A8

      250,00 € per hour

      300,00 € per hour
    • BMW 7

      300,00 € per hour
    • AUDI A8

      300,00 € per hour

      150,00 € per hour

      200,00 € per hour
    • BMW 7

      200,00 € per hour
    • AUDI A8

      200,00 € per hour

      On Request

      On Request
    • BMW 7

      On Request
    • AUDI A8

      On Request

    Our prices are fixed and the same for the entirety of Europe!
    There are no hidden costs!
    Everything is transparent and fixed!

    As well as having a fixed price, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, magazines, fare brochures, etc. will be freshly arranged in the vehicles intended for your clients. Here at XS Travel Management, we care about every detail and believe they are well worth any added costs.

    For more information on ADDs that are available inside of our vehicles please click HERE .
    Waiting times will not be charged to your clients. If the flight is late or meeting times in the office run longer than expected your clients will still receive – 100% discretion –100% comfort –and the freedom to decide how and in what way they will use the service of their drivers.


    • Jet charter company accounts will receive customized billing and reports.
    • Your clients do not need to take cash with them or pay by card.
    • You can book our service for your clients.

    What Vehicles Are

    Available? Available?

    With our corporate membership, you will have the same range of vehicles in every part of Europe;

    • Mercedes S class (Black Color)
    • Audi A8 (Black Color)
    • BMW 7 (Black Color)
    • Mercedes V class (Black Color)

    Limo & Chauffeur Service
    Limo & Chauffeur Service for Private Jet Owners and Charter Agencies

    Our Drivers

    Luxury Fleet and Secure Chauffeured Service

    As more and more executives and high net worth families travel on private aircraft, it is essential for our Drivers to understand the unique world and special challenges of providing secure transportation in and around corporate aircraft.

    This workshop from ESI, which all our drivers need to participate in, gives us a perspective on  how to work with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Flight Crews, and other airport businesses that provides services to executive and chartered aircraft.

    Also ground transportation to and from the aircraft is covered as one of the topic, same as aircraft security systems and protection of aircraft domestically and internationally.

    All our drivers are trained in multiple areas so they can properly respond to a variety of situations. In the case of a medical emergency, the staff we provide are equipped to administer first aid to any individual in need while managing the situation. Our staff is also trained in live-fire exercises that have prepared them for dealing with the event of fires starting on a ship while it is docked or out at sea.

    Limo & Chauffeur Service

    Other trainings that all our Drivers need to participate in, includes an Azur Fly Security training. A rigorous helicopter flight training managed by the Azur Hélicoptère. With this certification, our drivers are able to safely escort and assist our clients entering helicopters, same as to learn how to manoeuvre vehicles around the helicopter wherever necessary.

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