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Better Safe Than Sorry

Years of experience
Our vision

Beyond conventional limo & chauffeured service companies.

We offer a range of exceptional quality travel services that will not only ensure that you get to your destination in style but keep you safe too!

Traveling for business often includes a very full and strict schedule centered around multiple locations. This leaves little spare time to be wasted on seeking a taxi every time your clients must head to a new destination. Our membership limousine service excels at saving time for you and your clients.
With our services, the chauffeurs will be waiting for your clients whenever they are requested. With our services, clients will be on time for every meeting and arrive without any unnecessary frustration from travel complications.

Why choose us?
  • Highly qualified personnel:
    All our drivers have years of police, military or private security experience, are first aid trained and are members of the International Security Driver Association (ISDA). Our exceptional ops team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week


  • Clear pricing: The price you see is the price you pay, with fuel, parking and tolls all included. We can also offer a discount on our personal driver services for long-term use
  • Book online & by Crypto: Booking online is easy and convenient. You can also book by email or over the phone if you prefer. You can also book our service through Crypto.
Some of the services we provide include:
  • A personal driving service:
    A chauffeur service where your driver will not only take you where you need to go, but also act as your bodyguard and residential security guard. We’ll keep you safe wherever you are!

  • Cargo security escort and high-value asset movement:
    If you have valuable cargo to deliver, we will escort your trucks and vans to ensure they reach their destination safely. We can even securely transport diamonds and jewellery in our heavy-duty vehicles
  • Concierge service: Make your working day more straightforward with our concierge service. We can arrange childcare, additional transportation and organise events on your behalf. A perfect choice if you are in a location you do not know well!


Would you rather use a Protective Transportation service done by Executive Protection trained driver or by Chauffeur with a standard Taxi or Limousine service?

By making the decision to rent our vehicles with our Executive Protection Trained Drivers, you can be sure of arriving at your destination feeling relaxed, without suffering the anxiety and ill effects that can sometimes be caused by untrained or unskilled drivers. You can also be confident in the knowledge your driver is an expert in his field and has been trained to react to any type of threat that may arise.

All of our Security Drivers are highly trained professionals who have attained certification on completion of an Protective Driving Training, and they are all holders of passengers transport license (P-Schein), and some of them also posess the necessary licence for personal security services in accordance with German trade regulations
(Sec. 34A GewO).

We have thousands of hours behind the wheel providing secure transportation to our customers. Many of our drivers are former Law Enforcement or Military who have proven experience driving in some of the most perilous environments around the world and securing some of the most important assets as well.

XS Travel Management


On AUDI Executive Driver Intensive Training our drivers are trained in:

  • ABS braking with evade
  • Understeer/oversteer
  • Rapid lane change
  • Braking on a bend
  • Cornering technique
  • 180 degree j-turn reversing
  • Theory of protection of passengers
  • Night-time driving with personal protection
  • J-turn at night under fire
  • Driving in convoy under difficult conditions

This training course ensures they have all the tools needed to be a professional driver. How to cope in extreme situations, including whilst escaping, how to master an armoured vehicle, and mental strength, training sessions in the night, escape scenarios under paintball fire, driving with vehicle-to-vehicle contact, and fast pace car laps on the ideal line – helps our drivers to become among the best at their job and to offer their passengers optimal security.



All of our drivers are certify internationally through the AREMT and Belgian Ministry of Health.
They are CPR/AED qualified and possess Pediatric Health Care qualification as well.
In every vehicle we have MARCH Trauma Systems Medical Bags or Evaq Mass Casualty First Aid Kit together with automated external defibrillator ZOLL AED Plus and The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED automatic defibrillator.
We are skilled to assist you in any type of health emergency.



Our Security Drivers are also educated on ISPS designated Superyacht Security duties through a certified program. This education ensures that they are more than capable of ensuring the security of a superyacht according to the highest standards of practice specific to vesicles at sea or docked in port.



Our operatives are also members of ISDA Association.
The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) serves the Protective Service community. ISDA’s mission is to support an international forum of protective service providers who share knowledge for the purpose of enhancing the profession.
For those members who qualify, ISDA offers Service Driver and Secure Transportation certifications. The certification process follows guidelines defined by credentialing organizations and standards that are recognized in all the other industries and has been accepted by the corporate community for 40 years. ISDA certification provides proof of knowledge and skill.



As more and more executives and high net worth families travel on private aircraft, it is essential for our Security Drivers to understand the unique world and special challenges of providing secure transportation in and around corporate aircraft.
This workshop from ESI, which all our drivers need to participate in, gives us a perspective on how to work with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Flight Crews, and other airport businesses that provides services to executive and chartered aircraft.
Also ground transportation to and from the aircraft is covered as one of the topic, same as aircraft security systems and protection of aircraft domestically and internationally.



Other trainings that all our Personal Drivers need to participate in, includes an Azur Fly Security training. A rigorous helicopter flight training managed by the Azur Hélicoptère. With this certification, our security drivers are able to safely escort and assist our clients entering helicopters, same as to learn how to maneuver vehicles around the helicopter wherever necessary.

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