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Executive & Security Driving Services

was created to provide HNWI with the highest levels of Driving Services and act as a premier facilitator of Domestic and International travel.

The vision was to create a world-class travel service with luxury, privacy, and personalization.

Present yourself in a style which will reflect appropriate impression of your company!

While the executive driver may be a symbol of corporate success to some, from a business perspective it may be more practical than most other forms of non-wage compensation. In fact, when viewed through the lens of corporate governance, providing an appropriately trained executive driver may just be elevated from something that is an attractive perk to a prerequisite for decreasing risk, increasing efficiency, fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities and addressing duty of care issues.



Executive Driver is a professional with experience in a Corporate World. The driver always follow the VIP dress code and he is fully experienced in the VIP protocols.
He have a great Social Dynamics and experience in work with Personal Assistants, Travel Team, and Event Coordinators. He is also a Concierge Service Specialist, but he is not trained in Protective Driving and do not hold Close Protection certification. He also do not have a military or law enforcement background.
At Executive Driving services our goal is to build relationships with clients by understanding their needs and preferences first!

When we say personable that does not refer only to you, it refers to all your family. Our Executive Drivers who are also First Aid-Child Care qualified, could be trusted as a ‘safe pairs of hands’ to provide unwavering support to your family in any kind of emergency.

Our Executive Driving Services include different types of personal concierge service too (on additional charge), as for example educational nannies in homes or on the road to provide personalized childcare and educational services, pet sitters, personal assistant or online travel managers.

Executive Drivers duties would consist of driving clients and their families to and from their residence and/or place of work during business and leisure. Executive Driver provides a covert security presence driving smoothly and discreetly.

*Executive Drivers may have, but not need to have any security background.

Governmental Level VIP Secure Transportation!

Security driving is more than driving a vehicle. It requires the skill and knowledge to move a principal from point A to point B in a safe and secure manner and a variety of environments. In fact, security driving is more accurately called secure transportation, which encompasses in-depth knowledge and a measured level of skill to conduct route surveys, recognize and develop safe havens, create alternate-route plans, and develop emergency evacuation plans. Advanced first-aid skills are also essential. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, a prestigious caliber of drivers and the convenience of a 24 hour customer service personnel.



If you require a premium, efficient, reliable and discreet personable driving and security service you should think about hiring Security Driver also known as Bodyguard Driver who will act also as your bodyguard when following you on foot, and as a residential security guard when you are at the residence or at your office.

A bodyguard driver also known as security driver employs a broad skillset that combines evasive and defensive driving training, vehicle safety inspection and foot patrol and surveillance. Duties may include, but are not limited to, vehicle patrol of exterior areas of given locations, foot patrol of interior/exterior areas of given locations, surveillance and reporting any suspicious activities, proactive response to any emergency situation, enforcement of procedures and rules for the safe transportation and well-being of the principal.

When security driver is on a stand by, he can act as a Residential Security Officer at your residence too. He can monitor your house, patrol around the property, react if any alarm goes on, or if he notices some suspicious movements around your property.

Some other companies provide all three of these services separately, meaning that you must hire three different people to fulfil your needs, and pay more than double.

With us, all services are provided by the same person. The benefit of this is that your driver will get to know you and your requirements, helping provide a comprehensive service and ensuring that all your requests are efficiently met.

Security Drivers are permanent members of staff. They have defensive and evasive driving and close protection skills that allow them not only to drive but to keep principals safe on foot as well. The Security Driver is more overt with their techniques and tactics concentrating purely on safety and security rather than comfort.

*This can only be carried out if the threat and risk towards the principal are deemed low, and this cannot be replacement of normal Close Protection Service.

** All Security Drivers need to have military, law enforcement or private security background.

Not just an ordinary transportation service!

For Business or Personal travelling, our reliable Security Drivers are at your service to meet any of your needs in a comfortable, discrete and professional manner.
Treat yourself, your family and your entourage with our luxury protective transportation service.
With a Luxury Vehicles and Protection Trained Drivers, XXS Travel Management is the principle choice for the Elite travel!

From a standard airport pickup or drop-off, to a complex secure and discrete VIP movement, whether it’s a trip from home to office, or transporting you and your valuables from one location to another, shuttles to congresses, festivals, and events, or fair transfers up to several-day journeys abroad XS Travel Management is available 24 hours a day!

Its time saving and cost effective!

We believe in clear and comprehensive pricing for every single one of our clients.

Accommodation and food for our security driver is included in price,
and you have opportunity to use our transportation service with unlimited mileage.
Fuel, parking tickets, toll roads are included in the price of our service as well.

We provide complimentary fruit, water, coffee, soft drinks and candy in our vehicles, which we replenish daily.
As a bonus, if you book our services for a minimum of 30 days, we will be delighted to give you a 50% discount.

Traveling for business often includes a very full and strict schedule centered around multiple locations. This leaves little spare time to be wasted on seeking a taxi every time your clients must head to a new destination. Our membership limousine service excels at saving time for you and your clients.

With our services, the chauffeurs will be waiting for your clients whenever they are requested.

The primary focus should always be on events during a trip, so XSTM works hard to ensure travel needs do not interrupt that focus. With our services, clients will be on time for every meeting and arrive without any unnecessary frustration from travel complications.

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