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Yachts are a beautiful and exciting way to explore Europe, but this method of travel is not without its hardships. The luxury of traveling on yachts, large and small, comes with the risk of complications and ground transportation concerns.
XS Travel Management recognizes these concerns and serves to manage them on behalf of yacht charter companies and their clients.

At XS Travel Management we understand that the clientele who travel using yacht charter companies are used to luxurious methods of transportation, respectful treatment, and have unique needs. Our company strives to meet the needs of every client we transport and every yacht charter we serve.
Our services are flexible to yachts of all sizes, including everything from superyachts with many passengers and crew to much smaller yachts hosting a single-family or a couple.

A corporate membership provides you with transportation services customized to your business. These customizations include your company’s branding on the fleet of vehicles assigned to your clients.

Magnetic Stickers

(100,00 €) 0 €


Corporate Panel

(3.000 €) 0 €

All companies who have a membership with XS Travel Management gain access to a customizable corporate panel. This panel is dedicated to helping your jet charter company run in an efficient and client satisfying manner. All forms of transportation and payment can be booked and managed through this corporate panel to maximize organization. This service is free to all companies who obtain a membership with our travel management program.


Open a yacht charter corporate account and enjoy the ease of making reservations for your clients via your own branded corporate booking panel or give them the option to make their own reservations by using an app with your brand logo on it. This customized app will be created just for you, free of charge as well!

When you sign up to our corporate membership scheme, you will get free access to our complimentary app. Our mobile app will let you manage your account on the go, as well as give your clients flexibility over the services they use.
Customers from other corporate members will use the same app platform and therefore, it is possible to reach potential clients through your brand logo exposure.

*For more info about our app please click HERE

Referrals Earning & Custom Vouchers For Your Clients

(50 €) 0 €

Don’t forget about the earnings!

We understand how common it is for passengers to require provision charges to ensure liability, however, we do not want our charter partners to lose any money. For all of our jet charter members, we provide a 20% commission on every single event of transportation that we facilitate for your clients. This way, no money is lost and our jet charter company members can focus more of their time on other important events. With this program, we take on all of the responsibilities involved in transporting your clients, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Mobile App

(12.000 €) 0 €

When you sign up to our corporate membership scheme, you will get free access to our complimentary app. Our mobile app will let you manage your account on the go, as well as give your clients flexibility over the services they use.

Customers from other corporate members will use the same app platform and therefore, it is possible to reach potential clients through your brand logo exposure.

*For more info about our app please click HERE

Chauffeured Service With Bodyguard Drivers

List of all ports and marinas in Mediterranean that we can cover:

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Our rates

As a leading digital agency in Paris, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development agency relationship, becoming a partner to the people and companies we work with. We create brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.

Our prices are fixed and the same for the entirety of Europe!
There are no hidden costs!
Everything is transparent and fixed!

As well as having a fixed price, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, magazines, fare brochures, etc. will be freshly arranged in the vehicles intended for your clients. Here at XS Travel Management, we care about every detail and believe they are well worth any added costs.

For more information on ADDs that are available inside of our vehicles please click HERE .


  • Jet charter company accounts will receive customized billing and reports.
  • Your clients do not need to take cash with them or pay by card.
  • You can book our service for your clients.


  • BMW 7

    BMW 7
  • AUDI A8

    AUDI A8

    250,00 € per hour

    300,00 € per hour
  • BMW 7

    300,00 € per hour
  • AUDI A8

    300,00 € per hour

    150,00 € per hour

    200,00 € per hour
  • BMW 7

    200,00 € per hour
  • AUDI A8

    200,00 € per hour

    On Request

    On Request
  • BMW 7

    On Request
  • AUDI A8

    On Request

What Vehicles Are Available?

With our corporate membership, you will have the same range of vehicles in every part of Europe;

  • Mercedes S class (Black Color)
  • Audi A8 (Black Color)
  • BMW 7 (Black Color)
  • Mercedes V class (Black Color)
XS Travel Management



Our service includes 24/7 365-day support for you and your clients.

Our Dispatch Agents are at your disposal to make changes, process special requests, and complete bookings for a hotel, organizing meetings on the behalf of your clients, and anything else that may need to ensure worry-free travel.

Our meeting and incentive planning service will help your clients coordinate all the logistics for a purposeful, safe, and efficient trip anytime they step off of your yacht..

Private jet charter option for your clients, as well as Luxury Villa Rental from our partner Carlton International.

We work closely with private yet charter operators to provide premium concierge services and discounts that can apply to your clients.

Also, we have entered in close collaboration with Carlton International, to help you to plan your summer vacation in terms of safety, privacy, comfort, luxury villas, and state of the art security with COVID-19 health protocols.

Carlton International

The principal for joining forces with Carlton International is to guarantee that your dream vacation to French Riviera really is assured.

While our partners Carlton International, ensure our clients get the best rental opportunities and hospitality services on the French Riviera, our professional team of Executive Protection Agents will prioritize client health and safety needs.

Let us know if you need assistance with any of this extra option.


Prioritizing Safety & Assistance

All our drivers are trained in multiple areas so they can properly respond to a variety of situations. In the case of a medical emergency, the staff we provide are equipped to administer first aid to any individual in need while managing the situation. Our staff is also trained in live-fire exercises that have prepared them for dealing with the event of fires starting on a ship while it is docked or out at sea.

Other trainings that all our Security Drivers need to have, includes an Azur Fly Security training. A rigorous helicopter flight training managed by the Azur Hélicoptère. With this certification, our security drivers are able to safely escort and assist our clients entering helicopters, same as to learn how to manoeuvre vehicles around the helicopter wherever necessary.

Our Security Drivers are also educated on ISPS designated Superyacht Security duties through a certified program.

All our drivers are trained in multiple areas so they can properly respond to a variety of situations. In the case of a medical emergency, the staff we provide are equipped to administer first aid to any individual in need while managing the situation. Our staff is also trained in live-fire exercises that have prepared them for dealing with the event of fires starting on a ship while it is docked or out at sea.This education ensures that they are more than capable of ensuring the security of a superyacht according to the highest standards of practice specific to vesicles at sea or docked in port.



Protection You Can Trust

When your yacht charter company works with XS Travel Management you and your clients receive the benefit of 24/7 transportation and protection during the entirety of your journey. Marine travel exposes the boat and all of its passengers to the dangers of theft and other crimes both at land and sea. Our crew is devoted to ensuring the protection of your yacht, passengers, and any goods on board at all times.

While in ports, our trained professionals are stationed at entrances and monitor the perimeter to prevent the breach of any unauthorized personnel, especially at night. With XS Travel Management your company and clients can always sleep soundly.

Excursion Management

When it comes to traveling on a yacht there are often times where clients or crew desire to head ashore. Whether that excursion is organized out of necessity or pleasure, the XS Travel Management team will be there to assist and protect your yacht’s passengers. With travel access across the entirety of Europe, our staff is equipped to offer transportation on land whenever necessary.

Our drivers can wait by the yacht while it is docked to provide passengers with easy and secure access to transport at all times. In the case that your clients wish to explore a port on foot, our trained staff can accompany them and ensure their safety at all times.

Same Standard of Services Whenever You Go

We understand the need for corporations and businesses to have a trusted travel partner with a universally reliable standard of service. With varying standards, distinct laws, and a variety of regulations, consistently high travel standards are often hard to find when it comes to limo & chauffeured services in different countries. However, XS Travel Management has succeeded in providing services across the entirety of Europe while maintaining very high standards. All of this is clearly visible through our partnership program.

How Do We Monitor Our Partners?

There are monitoring devices both Inside cabin and in the front of the vehicle. This allows us to capture what’s going on in the cabin and on the street at all times. There are also features implemented to assess the speed and all the statistics of driving through live video streaming. All the videos recorded are directly uploaded into our cloud for immediate overview.

For more information click here.

The Perks Of Our Corporate Membership Program.

Custom Luxury Transportation On Land

At XS Travel Management we pride ourselves on providing high-end services to all of the charters we serve and their clients. We understand the importance of completing the luxury travel experience your customers have come to expect and do so through the provision of luxury vehicles customizable to your company’s needs. Our vehicles can arrive anywhere your clients require transport within Europe. They are a secure means of transport both to and from your yacht ensuring that your passengers arrive and depart safely.

We understand that your company works with a variety of individuals who have their own unique needs and we work hard to accommodate those needs. All of our vehicles are completely customizable. You can have your yacht’s charter company logo applied to our vehicles and built into a custom app. Having your logo added to our vehicles allows your clients to easily and quickly identify safe methods of transport. You can even have brochures and other informational pamphlets about your charter included in our vehicles to inform your clients of important procedures prior to their arrival at your ship. The custom application offers your clients a professional and easy method to contact transport on land or our control center whenever they would like.

Why sign up to our corporate membership scheme?

  • Your own branding or logo on your vehicles
  • A complimentary mobile app (Android and IOS) with your brand logo included on a welcome screen of our app
  • Optional discount and promotional codes tailored especially for your clients
  • Fixed rates across the whole EU
  • Same fleet of luxury vehicles always
  • Customised billing direct to your accounts department
  • Your own corporate panel for management of all the bookings, payment & invoicing

The benefits corporate membership will have for your business

  • Increased spend with your business
  • Increased customer satisfaction and approval
  • The ability to reach brand new customers

This membership also works to save you time and money. Our corporate membership program does this by providing a variety of concierge services in cooperation with our partners to encompass your every need, all within XS Travel Management.

Our concierge services include:

  • Bodyguard and Residential security
  • Cargo security and high-value asset movement
  • Childcare / Nanny’s
  • Tourist Guides
  • Personal Assistant / Online Travel Manager
  • Luxury Villa hire
  • Yacht and Jet hire
  • Pet Sitters
  • Household Staff

To see all the benefits of our corporate limo & chauffeured services click HERE .

Who Can Enter The Corporate Management Program?

Our corporate management program is exclusively available to private jet charter operators and yacht charter companies.

We have restricted access to our corporate management program to ensure that every company that is involved shares our standard for high-quality services. Interested yacht and jet charter companies must fill out an application to apply for the program. This process ensures that every company we accept is a beneficial member of the program.

If your private jet or yacht charter company is looking for a luxurious way to enhance your clients’ land transportation options, then we would be happy to help. The XS Travel Management corporate management program has been specialized for the specific needs of private jet and yacht charters.

If you would like more information contact us .

Is This The Service For You?

If you have a business that regularly deals with high-profile clients, it’s vital that you treat them well and give them a service that they are sure to remember.

If you are looking to push your corporate hospitality and services to the next level, XS Travel Management can help you to get there.

We will provide you with a corporate membership option to ensure that you give your clients the perfect experience and get them to their destination in style!


A Summary Of Our Services 

There are lots of advantages to signing up for our corporate membership program, including:

  • Available whenever you need us
    • 24/7/365
  • Your own Customized branding
    • Fleet with your own brand logo, as well as a mobile app that has your brand logo in it. This way your clients can easily make a reservation and identify their vehicle.
  • Service available within entire Europe
  • Same Fleet of Vehicles
  • Your Own Corporate Panel
  • Discount Codes for your Clients
  • Referral Earnings
  • Immediate attention to all the requests
  • Chat through panel with OPS
  • Executive Protection Service if necessary
  • Tailored billing Customized billing and reports
    • You will be provided an itemized bill for our services as used. There is no need to pay on the day of use, and certainly no need for your client to put their hand in their pocket.
  • A fixed price
    • Our prices are fixed across the whole of Europe, with no hidden costs. Fuel, parking tickets, and toll fees are all included in the price you pay.

Let Us Be Your Trusted Partner

Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together and provide your clients with high-quality vehicles and professional service.

+49 (0) 8331 6908 826

[email protected]



What would be more expensive? Will it be more expensive to hire multiple taxies or only one limo?

At first, it may seem like a more cost-effective option to work with a taxi service to transport clients, however, such a plan is bound to cost charter companies more in the long-term. Other forms of un-associated and unorganized transportation will not provide your clients with a luxury service comparable to the flight you just provided. This can make clients feel uncomfortable, uncared for, and it can interrupt their business. The preparation and high standard of service provided by XS Travel Management manages all of these issues and more, in the most luxuriously efficient way possible.

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