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Personal driver for your vacation

Are you considering hiring a Personal Driver for your vacation? XS travel management has something interesting for you.

Service of a qualified executive driver

Having a personal driver is quite a good idea, but having a qualified security driver is even much better. Typically, a standard taxi driver can only help with navigating some familiar paths. However, it’s not always a guarantee that they are conversant with the route plans that an individual has. Moreover, taxi drivers are less likely to be trained on things like social dynamics and mostly they are without those gentleman manners, which can spoil the comfort of some travellers.

Feeling socially uncomfortable when travelling is the last thing you’ll want to experience when travelling for holidays. Most standard taxi drivers might ask you numerous disturbing questions and end up spoiling an enjoyable trip.
As for the XS drivers, their fine social cues will ensure you are comfortable and that you are treated like royalty.

In XS, you’ll have it different. The drivers are no match to the standard taxi drivers for several interesting reasons. The first reason is apparent, and as you might have guessed, they are trained and qualified to provide world-class services. So, what kinds of qualifications are we talking about?

First aid qualification. We cannot be ignorant of the fact that accidents, even if minor, are inevitable in the course of the journey. As such, the services of a qualified first aider will prove very useful. That’s something you might not meet with most standard taxi drivers.
Number two, XS security drivers. Now that’s unique. This company is not interested in just dropping holiday travellers from one point to another; they are equally interested in your safety and comfort during travel.

Security detail for entire family

There’s no worry if you must drop by for some grocery, post office or pharmacy,or if you need your kids to be dropped at adrenalin or waterpark. Our drivers are experienced in working with Corporate Executives but also with their families too. While you are not on the road, security at your residence will be provided from the same driver. He will not sit in the vehicle while waiting for you and do nothing. You are paying him for all his time. So why don’t you use the service you paid for?

In XS, we can provide you with a three-in-one service according to your needs. That is a chauffeur, bodyguard, and residential security service, all from one company. Actually four services if we calculate his personal assistance services mentioned before.
This is a fair deal for your family to start considering having a personal driver as an extenasion of your household staff.

bodyguard drivers

24/7 service for yacht travel

Individuals going for yacht travels will have these services far more than convenient. They have been designed to ensure that a holiday spent yachting will be as smooth as possible. Foremost, the management is done with high-class safety standards that will enable the owners, guests and crew to carry anyone in the yacht with complete discretion. This is something that serves well for individuals who want to maintain a private life.
In addition, ready assistance and adequate security will be offered to passengers who’d desire to go ashore during a cruise. There’s no time they will be left unattended as the cruise is equally trained to give customers the most efficient and effective security. Otherwise, that is the backbone of this company, providing high-class and secure transportation.
Furthermore, the vehicle will be available near the yacht whenever needed. In simple terms, the vehicle will be available 24/7 with a most qualified driver who is conversant with all the highways, driveways and routes.

However, that’s not all.

Your driver can join you on your cruise as well, and provide you with a driving and security services in any country you decide to go to, within Mediterranean.

Personal security driver for your vacation

COVID 19 Hoax

The holidays are always the most hectic time of year and this year COVID-19 has added an extra layer of complexity to the seasonal rush. There is the need to travel, shop, and see family, however, the governmental restrictions making all these hard if you are travel with commercial airline and use normal taxi or standard limo services.

Our drivers understand the complications that come with the holidays this year and they are prepared to assist you in a multitude of ways.

We hereby inform you that you are able to book and enjoy our transportation services without being questioning, and without presenting any medical tests, certificates and evidence of vaccination.

Because, we are not doctors or judges, who are the only ones who has power to determine your health conditions and ask for any medical records. We are not authorized to do that! Neither any other government institution, police or air transportation service providers for instance, and thus neither limousine service providers.

Your medical condition is considered a secret between your doctor and you (the patient).

You still have an option to book vaccinated driver if you wish so.

We are not demanding from our drivers to be vaccinated. If they want, they can. However, some of our employees have already been vaccinated. Therefore, if you need a vaccinated driver, we have them available. But rest assured that we will not ask for or demand a test or proof of vaccination from you or any of your companions.

Risk and Threat Assessment

Our standard of safety and reliability maintains the same even during the holidays. This means that your driver will be available to assist and protect you at all times during your travels.

Risk and threat assessments are managed by your personal driver to ensure appropriate planning.

All travel comes with its risks, but our drivers work hard to identify and mitigate any threat to your fleet. It is our goal is to ensure you are protected throughout your journey, especially during the chaos of the holiday rush.

Research on the country, culture, religion, and procedures of politeness will be completed for you.

During travel across Europe, it is common to encounter a variety of countries and their cultures. Each of which is host to a variety of unique courtesies can cultural identities. Our personal drivers perform research on the intricacies of each area you will visit to ensure that you are well prepared and can enjoy the journey without worry.

This research currently extends to COVID-19 related laws and restrictions in place.

COVID-19 is being tackled by every country in its own way. The variation in responses makes for differing infection rates as well as differing laws. Our drivers will be aware of all COVID-19 related news and current regulation in the areas you are visiting to secure your safety and ensure you are properly prepared.

Prefer to fly?

XS Travel Management and Security is partnered with few private jet charter operators to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy luxury private air travel. There is a variety of aircraft to choose from.

Luxury Fleet Secure Chauffeured Service

Private jet travelling

High net worth families often prefer to use private jets and air crafts. As such, XS have made it their study to understand the ins and outs of providing secure transportation for corporate aircraft. This includes working with flight crews, the Fixed Base Operators and other airport businesses that work with executive aircraft. Plus, they can handle your luggage, and make sure to keep your high value asset like jewelry and watches safe while boarding.

The passengers using executive aircraft ultimately need executive transportation from the airport for many reasons. One, because of the nature of their travel and two, the urgent need for security.

When it comes to the nature of travel of executive air travellers, their locations are always subject to frequent changes. As a result, there’s an urgent need for someone conversant with the routes and the people in such locations. Plus, this comes with some safety risks, which XS tackles professionally. Here at XS, we not only provide you with a chauffeur, but we also ensure your safety.

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