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Serving your customers with limo & chauffeured services across the entire Europe, by covering all Private Jet Airports in Europe

Here are the main reasons why your passengers should enjoy a journey through XS Travel Management once they disembark your aircraft and why this mode of corporate transportation excels in comparison to a normal taxi service.

A corporate membership provides you with limo & chauffeured services customized to your business. These customizations include your company’s branding on the fleet of vehicle assigned to your client.

Magnetic Stickers

Whether you need limo & chauffeured service for only one person, or a group of more than 10 people XS Travel Management can support your needs. XS Travel Management is a trusted limo & chauffeured service provider that covers all of Europe, so you can worry less about managing road transportation and focus more on the business matters at hand.

Corporate Panel

All companies who have a membership with XS Travel Management gain access to a customizable corporate panel. This panel is dedicated to helping your jet charter company run in an efficient and client satisfying manner. All forms of transportation and payment can be booked and managed through this corporate panel to maximize organization. This service is free to all companies who obtain a membership with our travel management program.

Referrals Earning & Custom Vouchers For Your Clients

Don’t forget about the earnings!
We understand how common it is for passengers to require provision charges to ensure liability, however, we do not want our charter partners to lose any money. For all of our jet charter members, we provide a 20% commission on every single event of transportation that we facilitate for your clients. This way, no money is lost and our jet charter company members can focus more of their time on other important events. With this program, we take on all of the responsibilities involved in transporting your clients, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Mobile App

When you sign up to our corporate membership scheme, you will get free access to our complimentary app. Our mobile app will let you manage your account on the go, as well as give your clients flexibility over the services they use.
Customers from other corporate members will use the same app platform and therefore, it is possible to reach potential clients through your brand logo exposure.

*For more info about our app please click HERE

List of all Private Jet Airports in Europe that we can cover:

Cities & Airfields

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Our rates




  • BMW 7

    BMW 7
  • AUDI A8

    AUDI A8

    250,00 €

    300,00 €
  • BMW 7

    300,00 €
  • AUDI A8

    300,00 €

    150,00 €

    200,00 €
  • BMW 7

    200,00 €
  • AUDI A8

    200,00 €

    300,00 €

    350,00 €
  • BMW 7

    350,00 €
  • AUDI A8

    350,00 €

Our prices are fixed and the same for the entirety of Europe!
There are no hidden costs!
Everything is transparent and fixed!

As well as having a fixed price, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, magazines, fare brochures, etc. will be freshly arranged in the vehicles intended for your clients. Here at XS Travel Management, we care about every detail and believe they are well worth any added costs.

For more information on ADDs that are available inside of our vehicles please click HERE .
Waiting times will not be charged to your clients. If the flight is late or meeting times in the office run longer than expected your clients will still receive – 100% discretion –100% comfort –and the freedom to decide how and in what way they will use the service of their drivers.


  • Jet charter company accounts will receive customized billing and reports.
  • Your clients do not need to take cash with them or pay by card.
  • You can book our service for your clients.

What Vehicles Are

Available? Available?

With our corporate membership, you will have the same range of vehicles in every part of Europe;

  • Mercedes S class (Black Color)
  • Audi A8 (Black Color)
  • BMW 7 (Black Color)
  • Mercedes V class (Black Color)


Online Travel Management

Our service includes 24/7 365-day support for you and your clients.

Our Dispatch Agents are at your disposal to make changes, process special requests, and complete bookings for a hotel, organizing meetings on the behalf of your clients, and anything else that may need to ensure worry-free travel.

Our meeting and incentive planning service will help your clients coordinate all the logistics for a purposeful, safe, and efficient trip anytime they step off of your jets.

Yacht Charter

Private yacht charter option for your clients, as well as Luxury Villa Rental from our partner Carlton International. We work closely with private yacht owners to provide premium concierge services and discounts that can apply to your clients.

Also, we have entered in close collaboration with Carlton International, to help your clients to plan their summer vacation in terms of safety, privacy, comfort, luxury villas, and secure transportation services with COVID-19 health protocols.

Carlton International Or Edge Retreat

French Rivia

The principal for joining forces with our luxury real estate partners is to bring you an option to partner with them as well if you need a partner in hospitality sector.

While our partners Carlton International, ensure our corporate members get the best rental opportunities and hospitality services in Europe for their clients, our professional team of Chauffeurs will prioritize our corporate member limo & chauffeured service needs.

Let us know if you need assistance with any of this extra option, and we will introduce you with our

Mallorca Gold Or Ballearic Home


Our Drivers

As more and more executives and high net worth families travel on private aircraft, it is essential for our Drivers to understand the unique world and special challenges of providing secure transportation in and around corporate aircraft.

This workshop from ESI, which all our drivers need to participate in, gives us a perspective on  how to work with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Flight Crews, and other airport businesses that provides services to executive and chartered aircraft.

Also ground transportation to and from the aircraft is covered as one of the topic, same as aircraft security systems and protection of aircraft domestically and internationally.

All our drivers are trained in multiple areas so they can properly respond to a variety of situations. In the case of a medical emergency, the staff we provide are equipped to administer first aid to any individual in need while managing the situation. Our staff is also trained in live-fire exercises that have prepared them for dealing with the event of fires starting on a ship while it is docked or out at sea.


Other trainings that all our Drivers need to participate in, includes an Azur Fly Security training. A rigorous helicopter flight training managed by the Azur Hélicoptère. With this certification, our drivers are able to safely escort and assist our clients entering helicopters, same as to learn how to manoeuvre vehicles around the helicopter wherever necessary.

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