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Limo and Chauffeur service for the events on the French Riviera

The French Riviera or the Côte d’Azur is one of the world’s hotspots for all things glamor and luxury. It has everything a tourist needs to eliminate months of pent-up stress. There are magnificent beaches, flavorful meals, and a culture that somehow balances with the luxury. That’s not all.

Added to the luxury are the events which the cities and the city-state in the French Riviera have become known for. These events are mostly exclusive, treats for yourself and your family, which means you need complete luxurious treatment right from the moment you get into the French Riviera. The only way you can guarantee complete hassle-free comfort is to hire XS International for Limo and chauffeur service for the upcoming events on the French Riviera.

The French Riviera Crime Rate

Is the French Riviera secure? Relatively. The crime rate can be quite low until it is tourist season when the notable events the French Riviera is known for start to take place.

The cities in the French like Cannes and Monaco City State have different crime rates. In Cannes, there is a 57.14 chance you would lose your property. Those are not odds you should take chances with especially when you would be quite engaged to pay complete attention to your personal effects. The same goes for Monaco with its 21.06 chance of likelihood of property-related crimes.

Also, during these notable events as we have mentioned earlier, the dynamics of the places we have mentioned changes. The events bring in many people which not only increases the security risks but also causes traffic and delays which can reduce the proper enjoyment of these events. So, what do you do? Stick with us to find out.

Limo and Chauffeur service

How to Secure Yourself In French Riviera.

You don’t need to cancel your trip to the French Riviera because of the likely security challenges you may face. XS International has the solution to this. We have a wide range of Limo and chauffeured services for our clients:

● There are executive drivers that have great knowledge of the best routes to help you avoid traffic problems, or you can take it a step further.
● You can use the security driver option. As the name suggests, you get two in one. You get a bodyguard and chauffeur rolled into one when you use this limo and chauffeured service option.

We recommend that to secure yourself in French Rivera, you use the second option as you would not only be able to protect yourself but your family also. The security driver is family-friendly and has received state-of-the-art training in modern protection skillset which includes:

● Taking care of your kids
● Providing first aid when necessary
● Performing personal assistant duties.

So, as you can see, you don’t just get a person who would drive you as most companies offer. You would get a companion who understands your needs without you mentioning them. If you are thinking of how to secure yourself, think XS International and enjoy your visit to the French Riviera and fully immerse yourself in its pleasures and events.

Chauffeured Service With Bodyguard Drivers

Limo and chauffeured service in French Riviera for The Events

The French Riviera has several events spread across its cities like Cannes and the Monaco City State. As mentioned earlier, these events come with risks but we will show that you don’t need to be worried about this risk with the XS International limo and chauffeured service option.

Limo and Chauffeured service at Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes film festival is an exclusive event that the VIPs in the film industry ranging from producers, directors, filmmakers, acting stars, journalists, and film distributors worldwide. Apart from the fun and excitement that surrounds the event, the film festival comes with its peculiarities.

One of these peculiarities is the increased traffic around the period due to the influx the VIPs. There is also the increased crime rate which becomes higher in the French Riviera region.

If you use a taxi, not only would it not reflect your social standing well, and you would end up becoming frustrated as you are stuck in traffic.

On the other hand, XS International’s limo and chauffeur service will ensure that you are not trapped in traffic as the security driver would have performed a route check ahead to know the best routes to pass.

In addition, you need not worry about anyone trying to harass you or steal any of your stuff. If you use the security driver option, you would have trained personnel who would easily help you ward off danger.

Limo and Chauffeured service for the Formula 1 Grand Prix Event in Monaco

The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco is an event VIPs like you look forward to. There is the thrill of watching cars zooming past carrying powerful gusts of wind but there are other things to look forward to at the Grand Prix. There are clubs to visit and yacht parties to attend.

During the Grand Prix, the traffic in Monaco is at another level. Usually, to get to the circuit, you may need to walk. However, walking present is dangerous as you can be subject to the thieving hands of pickpockets that target you.

When you drop from the car and want to walk to the circuit, your security driver will switch to your guard. Their purpose is you and your complete comfort and they would offer you and your family members this. Anyone planning to steal from you should beware because your security driver is swift to take decisive actions to ensure your safety.

Chauffeured Service With Bodyguard Drivers

Limo and Chauffeured service at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

The Monte-Carlo Rolex Country Club is the home of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, a yearly male tennis competition. The competition comes with a larger influx of people as it is more open to the members of the public due to its relatively affordable tickets. This means that the streets of Monaco would be prone to traffic jams which could trap you in traffic for longer periods, thereby inconveniencing you and your family.

The security drivers in our Limo and Chauffeured service will ensure your trip to this event is seamless. You would be safeguarded and would not be prone to the pickpockets that hide in the city during this period.

Limo and Chauffeured service for the Monaco Yacht Show

Your diary is packed for most of the year but French Riviera has something for you at the end of summer, the Monaco Yacht Show. The Monaco Yacht Show is also known as the hangout of the rich and powerful that takes place at the end of every summer each year. The event which involves watching the exotic display of expensive yachts or super yachts is completely based on invitation.

As glamorous as the show is, there are security problems. The top of the problem is the theft of your valuables.

Limo Chauffeur for Captains, Yacht Brokers, and Charter Agencies

You already know how much we at XS International, value our clients and their belongings. When our chauffeur is driving you to the show, you and your belongings are our responsibility. However, regulations may not allow you to use your security driver during the show.

While you may not be able to bring your security driver close due to regulations, you can be assured that the security driver is around and ready to resume serving you immediately after you leave the yacht show.

limo chauffeur service cannes

Limo and Chauffeured service at Cannes Yachting Festival

The Monaco Yacht show happens in Monaco and the
Cannes Yachting Festival takes place in Cannes. At the Cannes Festival, shipwrights display vessels ranging from sailing boats to yachts. Like the Monaco yacht event, the gathering of VIPs always attracts crimes such as stealing.

If you had used a taxi, this could be your concern but with us, you are secure down to your toenails. Your security driver is trained to ensure that not one thing on your person goes missing.

Bonus: More Reasons You Should Use XS International Limo and Chauffeured service

You have seen why our Limo and Chauffeured service is the best for you but there’s more.

● Your security driver’s obligation doesn’t stop until you want it to stop. Even if you get to your accommodation on the French Riviera, your security driver will immediately turn to your onsite security. The driver would take every reasonable step to ensure that your accommodation is free from any form of threat.
● Value for money. Other companies charge you separately for the extra work their chauffeur does for you aside from driving. With us at XS International, everything your security driver does for you doesn’t require an extra fee. Apart from the money you have paid initially, there are no hidden costs.
● You can customize your limo and chauffeured service with your own company logo on the vehicle.

Limo Chauffeur Service in Mallorca
Limo and Chauffeur service for the events


Every limo and chauffeur service claims to provide the best for their client but this usually turns out to be an overinflated estimation of their capabilities. At XS International, we have experience as we have provided our service to different VIPs including corporate bodies. So, if you are looking for Limo and Chauffeur service for events on the French Riviera, we are the way to go as our trained security driver would keep you, your family, and your belongings safe.

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As well as having a fixed price, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, magazines, fare brochures, etc. will be freshly arranged in the vehicles intended for your clients. Here at XS Travel Management, we care about every detail and believe they are well worth any added costs.

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